Kimono Renewal, Alterations & Aftercare Services

If you have a quality Kimono, such as one you received from a family member or you bought a while ago, but it does not quite suit your liking, we can give it a new look to make it fit your current aesthetics. We offer a full selection of the traditional Kimono after-care services, such as “Shitate-naoshi (仕立て直し, re-tailoring)”,“Some-kae (染め替え, dyeing Kimono to change the material colour completely or partially, in any way you like)”, “Shimi-nuki (染み抜き, stain removal)”, or “Arai-hari (洗い張り, complete cleaning)”. All these services will be done by highly-skilled craftsmen in Japan.

(Please be aware that it may take sometime for shipping back and forth). Please contact us for more details.

  • These services are for 100% silk Kimonos only.
  • We are happy to offer evaluations & consultations for your Kimono’s after-care service aimed at attaining you the best result.