Kimono Party Package

If you like to have a very unique party, How about having a special Kimono party with your close friends? Perfect for a special birthday party, friends-get-together party, or any occasion! We can come to your place with a selection of Kimonos and will assist you and your guest to don their Kimonos. (Please contact us for more details)

  • Kimono Party suggested plan:
    1. We come to where you plan to hold your gathering with a selection of Kimonos.
    2. You and your friends can enjoy viewing and choosing which Kimono to wear.
    3. We will help you put on your selected Kimono (dressing Kimono)
    4. Take photographs
    5. Assist you changing back to your own clothing.
  • Other suggested plan:
    To make the party even more special, you could add “Japanese tea ceremony package” together with the above plan (with additional charge)

Kimono Party Plan Suggestions:
Currently being updated.