Hitomi Harama


Kimono Hitomi

Hitomi Harama is a kimono and Japanese cultural specialist.

Having been raised by a family of kimono connoisseurs and being immersed in various traditional Japanese cultural customs and values during her upbringing, noticing that good old traditional cultural values and familiarities are rapidly diminishing prompted her to take action to preserve the important cultural values of traditional kimono as well as the beauty of Japanese culture, including its customs, designs, and craftsmanship.

Her passion to conserve the traditional beauty of kimono and Japanese culture has led Hitomi to various activities: she has curated kimono exhibits; presented talks and lectures at museums, universities, public and private schools, and textile-related corporate institutions; and she has worked as a Japanese cultural consultant for the film industry and design institutes in North America.

In 2020, Hitomi started her YouTube Channel “Kimono Japan”, providing English-speaking audiences with an easily accessible way of learning more about kimono and Japanese culture.

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My Mission: Share Japanese culture and the rich tradition of the Kimono with people around the world.

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